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"Andrew's workshops are a huge hit at Ruckus action camps. His humor, incisive messaging, and unswerving commitment to high-quality production values, make him Ruckus' favorite go-to-guy for theatrical media stunts."
—John Sellers, Executive Director, RUCKUS SOCIETY

"Boyd is a master satirist...One of the most worthwhile and committed humorists working in America today."
—John Nichols, THE NATION

"For years Andrew has put his wit, creativity, and infectious energy at the service of the labor movement. Use him. He will not disappoint."
—Elise Bryant, Senior Fellow, George Meany Center for Labor Studies

"Andrew's unusual combination of real-world experience creating activist media viruses, and his ability to theorize about his cutting edge work, makes him an extremely engaging and inspiring campus presenter. We have brought him back again and again to NYU."
—Steven Duncombe, Professor of Media Studies, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY

"Andrew has done stand-up on our radio show, stunts at our press-conferences, and workshops at our democracy revivals. He is living proof of the old Yugoslavian proverb: 'You can fight the gods and still have fun.' I can't recommend him highly enough."
—Jim Hightower, "America's #1 Populist"

"Andrew electrified a standing-room-only audience of 120 students and faculty...His multimedia presentation was seamlessly organized and leavened with a great deal of lacerating satire and self-deprecating wit."
—Dr. Lawrence Bogad, Center for the Arts in Society, Carnegie Mellon University

"This workshop opened up a whole new set of creative action approaches. Not only did I discover it was something I personally could do but I saw how it could be a potent political tool in our organizing work."
—Martin Hanratty, Organizing & Education Director, CANADIAN LABOUR CONGRESS