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of creative action

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1. Welcome (5)

a. welcome to the workshop
b. what we're doing today — agenda review — facil's hoped for outcomes

2. What is Culture Jamming? (15)

a. questions -- who's heard of culture jamming? who's read adbusters? who's familiar with the concept of "media virus?" how about "meme?"
b. share experience — what's your favorite culture jam that you've either heard about or participated in? and why? why do we culture jam?
c. define term -- so, what is culture jamming?

3. Interactive Presentation & Analysis (45)

a. Flavors of Creative Action
b. Tips and Tricks of Creative Action
c. Street Theater Case Study — Cell Phone Drill Team
d. Guerrilla Theater Case Study — Nuclear Saints of America
e. Media Stunt Case Study — Boston Tea Party Action
f. Media Campaign Case Study — Billionaires for Bush or Gore

Break (5)

4. Review of Presentation (10)

a. paired sharing of what was most exciting & useful from slide show
b. quick group share

5. Creative Messaging (30)

a. get everyone on same page about the current organizing campaign
b. brainstorm messaging ideas (10)
c. break into small groups
d. create quick & dirty 30 second radio/TV ads (10)
e. act out for each other (10)

6. Discussion of media viruses & memes (20)

a. analyse billionaires in terms of viruses (10)
b. discussion (10)

7. Design your own virus (30)

a. present question: how to make the campaign messages go viral
c. break into same small groups
d. groups brainstorm & develop ideas

1) open-ended brainstorm (7)
2) choose best idea, focus on it and develop it (7)

e. groups present their ideas; everyone gives structured feedback (10)

8. Closing & Evaluation (10)

a. Resources: cookbook, web sites, handouts, other
b. Evaluation: What worked? What would you change?
c. Closure -- "What was your most important insight?" -- "What is one thing you might do differently now?"
d. Summary remarks.